Instagram just announced that they’ll be launching an In-App appeal option on their app for post takedowns allowing them to request a review of any content that was taken down, all from within the app.

They further implied that they’ll start with post takedowns due to Nudity and then expand to other areas. Down the road, the feature would also be usable for dormant profiles, or accounts that have already been removed from the app.

To ensure a thorough inspection of the content, any appeal about a post takedown would be sent to a completely different reviewer than the one who made the original decision, in order to ensure that the posts are thoroughly inspected.

The photo-messaging app, Instagram, with over one billion global users, also said it would make sure to restore any post that could have been taken down on account of wrong reviewing.

Plans about the feature were discussed at a company- media briefing held in New York City.

During Facebook’s F8 developer conference held last week, Instagram admitted to have been developing a text and media-matching technology that could proactively remove posts trying to spread fake news on its platform.

They have also decided to run viral posts surfacing its platform through Facebook fact-checkers in order to combat hate, conspiracy theories and misinformation spreading on its app.


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