I really don’t know the main reason why Google changed the old Google console, a lot of newbies and users are finding it difficult to complete Google verification on the new console and others trying to get indexed and more.

Give a comment on which of the Google console do you love mostly the new console or the old console?

The main issue is verifying your website so Google crawls you right? And to reach out to larger audience also so I made it easy to understand by reading this tutorial.

SEO Tutorial: A Complete Comprehensive Guide on SEO for Beginner’s

Today, I will teach you how to verify Google console whenever you want to add a new property to Google but you need to be able to work with cPanel to perform this task.

Let’s get started.

How to Complete Google Verification On New Console for WordPress

  • Login your Google console > select the property you wish to verify or add new domain.
  • After adding your site or selecting the property leave the page open because you need the verification txt code.
  • Now go to your cPanel like: deegeekdomain.com/cpanel/
  • Scroll down to where you find domain then select zone editor just like the screenshot below:

  • Click it, the next page you see is domain then click manage with a setting icon close to it.
  • You will see list of aliases for your domain well that’s what you need, now click “add new record” and select txt record because google verification is text record.
  • Go back to google console then copy the txt google said you should paste on your dns, then go back to the page where you need to add txt record.

Like I said click add record then txt record.

Then fill it like this:

Name            TTL  Class Type Record

Yourdomain 14400 IN TXT paste the google txt code here

  • That’s all then save.
  • Before you close the go back to google console then hit the verify button now then you should see this

  • Now you see it’s verified click done or click go to property to see the results of the verified domain or to add your sitemap.
  • Then you can close your cpanel page.

Thanks for reading if you have any difficulty please leave a comment I will be glad to respond to all your question.

NOTE: You can setup robot.txt and sitemap on your yoast but you won’t be able to add any code to yoast that’s bad as that’s what google wants.


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