In early March this year, Apple company launched Apple Arcade, the company’s game subscription service for both desktop computers and mobile phones.

The company is promising over 100 new titles that will be accessible on the iPad, Mac, and even Apple TV. Apple Arcade titles won’t include ads or in-app purchases.

Apple has just released a new iPhone game, it’s first game in over a decade, and guess what!! It starres Warren Buffett. The game is titled Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard and is now available on the App Store for free.

Warren Buffett, the third richest person in the world with a net worth of about 89.9 billion USD, used to deliver newspapers when he was a young kid. He was known to hold paper-toss competitions at shareholder meetings for Berkshire Hathaway.

At Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting over the last weekend, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made a special appearance. A short film was played ahead of the meeting, showing Buffett and Cook trying to brainstorm ideas for a new app. Cook ends up suggesting the idea for a newspaper-tossing game.

It seems like Apple’s latest iPhone game is a result of that partnership.

Warren Buffet’s paper Wizard lets players fling newspapers, rewarding them with a special currency called “Warren Bucks”. Players move from Omaha to Cupertino, California in the game as difficulty rises gradually.

Get the game here;

After the game is over, users are awarded a score based on their accuracy and the number of papers they were able to deliver during the game. Surprisingly, Apple hasn’t integrated Game Center in the same as of now. The game is built only for the iPhone.

The game was built by Wildlife Designs on the App Store.

Note: For now, this game is only available to IOS users… Sorry Android…

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