I believe a lot of us has violated Twitter rules or might have not but got suspended now, Twitter has made it easy for users who got suspended for violating its guidelines, appeal the decision directly within its platform.

Earlier, users whose accounts were suspended needed to fill an online form to appeal Twitter’s decision and the response time varied from a few hours to over a week.

“We move quickly to enforce our rules but sometimes we don’t have the full context and can make mistakes,” the company tweeted late on Tuesday.

Twitter claimed the new in-app feature will cut down response time by 60 percent.

“We added a way for people to appeal our decision in the app and have been able to get back to people 60 percent faster than before,” it said.

Twitter can suspend accounts for being fake, abusive, threatening or for spamming or impersonating someone.

Twitter is also considering to label tweets that violate its rules but which should remain on the platform because they’re in the public interest.

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