This update to PhonePe is limited to Android phones at the moment. You can enable this keyboard via the PhonePe app and once you do, you can tap the PhonePe button and quickly send or request money from people. It’s important to note that to make the most of this feature you will have to use the PhonePe keyboard, which means you’ll have to switch away from Gboard or any other keyboard you currently use.

If you use PhonePe, you can tap the profile iconon the top-left and then tap Setup PhonePe keyboard and then Enable PhonePe keyboard. This will enable the keyboard. If you see the PhonePe icon above the keyboard then you know you are using this.

Once you tap the PhonePe icon on the keyboard, you’ll see it expand into a small box above the keyboard. Here you can send or request money, check your account balance, or invite people to use PhonePe. To send or request money, once you select a contact, you will be redirected to the PhonePe app to complete the transaction.

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