It’s come to my notice that windows phones are no more valuable as it used to be again, instagram has finally given warning to all windows phone users that its going to end support for it’s app this april.

This is a sad news for windows phone users, if you could remember whatsapp also said it will end support for windows phones also by the end of the year 2019.

This gives windows phones no value and now they are adviced to upgrade to either android or iPhone in other to continue using instagram or whatsapp

We also know instagram and whatsapp is jointly owned by Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) which might make facebook messenger end support for windows phone.. Lol not yet announced.

The date to end support of instagram on windows has being announced and scheduled to 30th of april 2019.

I have to see this notification appear on my own Windows 10 Mobile devices, Instagram has started notifying users of the Windows 10 Mobile app that it will no longer be available starting April 30, and asking users to use the web app after that date.

For now, it looks like the Instagram for Windows 10 PCs, which remains one of the top free apps in the Microsoft Store is safe.

Windows 10 Mobile is in a different situation, as the mobile OS will no longer be supported after December 2019. With an overwhelming majority of smartphone owners using iOS and Android, Windows 10 Mobile will likely continue to lose some high-profile apps.

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