Today, i will teach you how to install and use simplify gmail in other to check your mails easily, the inbox by Gmail App on Android was dead and you can still possibly use it on your smartphone by installing a old APK, but that’s not recommended.

You can read about the Inbox by Gmail Releases Chrome Extension

Instead of whining adopt to Gmail or make it less painful without much distractions. If you’re a inbox user returning to use Google mail service, here is a good news for you, an extension is available on Chrome Web Store to make Gmail minimalistic.

How to install and use Simplify Gmail

  1. Head to the Chrome Web Store  for Simplify Gmail.
  2. Click on the Add to Chrome button.
  3. You’ll be prompted to confirm if you want to add the extension to your browser, click on Add extension.
  4. Chrome will now download and install Simplify Gmail on your browser.
  5. Now when you open Gmail, you’ll be presented with the simplified redesign. To switch back, simply disable or delete the plugin.

If you’re already signed into Gmail, reload the page or you’ll see the changes in Gmail UI after signing into the website.

As we said above, former Gmail designer who worked from 2008 and 2012 has created this extension.

The developer in the extension page says the extension is safe to use. He says, the extension adds some CSS and JavaScript code to apply CSS to Gmail layout. You can find this extension code on Github here. The dev promises to update the extension when Gmail team makes changes to their code so that it doesn’t break email service.

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