We have been hearing of Hammer VPN MTN cheat trending around and most of the android users have been enjoying this but now its no news that PC users can now enjoy this also by introducing MTN Hammer VPN Cheat settings for PC you can browse freely just like android users.

Some days back I published a similar article on how to bypass Hammer VPN daily limit but today we going to learn something different using PC to browse.

We don’t need much tweak to enjoy this just basic knowledge of how hammer VPN cheat works and we good to go.

Most of the settings you used on hammer VPN will be used in setting up a working free browsing cheat for your PC.

How To Use MTN Hammer VPN Cheat Settings For PC Easily

Before you read the following method you need to note this because its important:

  • To make sure this works on your device, please ensure you have Java Runtime installed on your system.
  • Get a premium account, to get a username and password. You need the username and password to input in the Tunnelguru PC app.

After that then follow the steps below:

  • Now Download Tunnelguru PC Client app which has already been cracked to work in Nigeria.
  • After installing your JAVA successfully, connect your Modem to your PC or connect to your Wifi with your MTN sim without active data on your device.
  • Right-click on the Tunnelguru PC app and Run As Administrator.
  • Change the protocol to AntiDPI-UDP.
  • Recommended Servers: Singapore & France.
  • R port: 80 or 8080.
  • L port: 9201.
  • Now Click Connect and Enjoy 🙂

NOTE: your first connection may get an error message about TAP not being installed, just hold on for a pop up message to install TAP. Click install and wait. Once that’s successfully installed, go back to your Tunnelguru PC app and hit Connect.

How to Increase your Browsing Speed on your PC

  • Go to “control Panel”, then click on “View Network Status and Task”
  • Then click on “Active Network”
  • When a new pops-up, tap on “Properties”
  • Another window will open, Select and tap on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)
  • Tick on “Use the following DNS server addresses”
  • In the first box, input and in the second box.

After successfully input your DNS address, kindly tap OK to continue and enjoy it.

I have other fast DNS servers and IP Addresses that are faster then Google DNS if you need that you can comment below.

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