Complete list of swift Data plan, Swift Networks Limited is a facilities-based telecommunications services provider. The company was founded in 2002 when it bided and obtained a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) License from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide multi-service broadband connectivity services to businesses and residential subscribers.

Since inception, Swift Networks has invested heavily in “next generation” networking technologies to build a multi-service network platform. Swift Networks holds an exclusive wireless spectrum license from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), allowing it to operate end-to-end reliable, fibre-like connectivity services in the exclusively licensed and interference-free 3.5GHZ spectrum.

Swift Networks Limited has recently attracted foreign direct investment from The International Finance Corporation (IFC), European Investment Bank and Commonwealth Development Corporation under the Capital Alliance Private Equity II fund scheme managed by Capital Alliance Nigeria. Accordingly, Swift Networks has the requisite financial and organizational resources to become the leading broadband connectivity Services provider in Nigeria.

List of Swift 4G Data Plans in Nigeria

SWIFT Budget N500 7 Days 750MB 24 Hours
SWIFT Budget ( Promo) N500 7 Days 1GB 24 Hours
SWIFT Value Special N1,000 7 Days 1.5GB 24 Hours
Value Special(PROMO) N1,000 7 Days 2GB 24 Hours
SWIFT Budget Plus N2,000 30 Days 2GB 24 Hours
SWIFT Value Plus N2,000 7 Days 1GB 24 Hours Free browsing 10pm- 6am (weekends & Public Holidays)
SWIFT Merit (PROMO) N3,000 30 Days 3GB 24 Hours Free 9hrs Browsing daily (Mon – Fri, 11pm -8am);
Free 19hrs on weekends (Sat 11pm – Sun 6pm);
SWIFT Economy N4,000 30 Days 3GB 24 Hours
SWIFT Essential Mini N5,000 30 Days 7GB 24 Hours
SWIFT Essential Mini (PROMO) N5,000 30 Days 10GB 24 Hours
SWIFT Night N3,500 30 Days 7GB 6PM-8AM, Daily
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