Due to the high request about this program, I give you another means of making money online using Joomta. This Joomta Reviews will put you through if you should join Joomta or not.

Most people might say is Joomta Scam or legit? but trust me all means of making money online is follows a different pattern and I will tell you the truth 70% of users using Joomta haven’t been able to verify if its actually legit or scam.

Even i writing this review haven’t verified but why am i sharing this out here for everyone?

Most of us might have heard of NNU income program, Refer.ng, KashPay, Wakanda and more than offer you a means of earning online while you register with a minimum and fixed payment of N1,600 only and which puts you in great danger because you either get paid or lose your cash. You might say its small money for me but do you know with millions registering the owners makes millions from you.

Let’s leave the story later you can read my NNU review, if you are interested in importing goods from China and want to make legit N50,000 weekly or monthly then read here.

Let’s See what Joomta is all about Now…

What is Joomta all About?

Joomta is a free-to-join referral platform that pays you up N40,000 every month for referring people to Joomta.com. One referral gives you N400 and assuming you referred 100 people, you will get N40,000 whopping money. And kindly note that this money will be paid directly to your local bank account.

Joomta also added that ownership of multiple Joomta.com accounts is not allowed. Joomta pays referrers on the third day of the next month so if you earn N24,000 this Month, you’ll be paid your N24,000 earning on the 3rd day of next month.

In addition, if the 3rd day of a month falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), you’ll be paid on a working day (Monday) immediately following that weekend.

Now you know about Joomta your question should be about how do they make their money if they all users sign up freely?  

Joomta makes money by displaying popup adverts to Joomta.com users whenever they’re on the Joomta.com website. It is from the revenue generated by those adverts that Joomta.com referrers are paid, and because we earn far more from the popup adverts on our site than we pay out to our referrers, we don’t need to charge Joomta users any form of fee to join Joomta.com, so Joomta will always remain free to join.

How To Sign Up on Joomta Program

To Sign Up is really easy takes you less than 2min to complete the form and you get approved instantly.

  • Click Here to Sign Up for Joomta
  • Scroll down  to the end of the page
  • No need reading the information on the site i have explained all here.
  • Click Tap Here to Join Joomta
  • The Fill the form available
  • After completing the form please don’t forget to put a valid bank account details because you get paid there.
  • You will see an image like this below congratulating you.
  • Now you can CLick Login.

Now you have successfully signed up for Joomta, you are 90% close to earning your first cash 🙂

How to Make Money Easily From Joomta

Now you have signed up for joomta and you got your account the next step is how to make your money from them.

Your Joomta Account when logged in look like the image below:

Now to get your referral code click “How to refer people to joomta” then scroll down a bit you will see your joomta referral code as shown below:

Now copy the link and share to your friends on whatsapp, facebook, twitter and any other means you wish that can get you people to register under you.

Note: I haven’t seen any trusted payment from them yet from anyone i know but since its a free to join platform you can give it a try. i also joined in other to give you more enlightenment about the program.

I wrote this article to guide those willing to join joomta, Happy Refers…

Comment if you have any question.

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