I have created more than 10 WordPress blogs for many users interested in starting their own WordPress blog.

Today, I will put you through on how to start your WordPress blog in less than 30min, yeah, I mean it you can start and own a WordPress blog in less than 30min by following this tutorial.

This blog was formerly running on a Blogspot a free blogging platform owned by Google which is known as a blogger that allows you create in less than 10min you can read my guide on how to create a blog using a blogspot.

Setting up a blog is not an easy thing because maintaining and keeping it updated will be your priority but it all easy for you now after reading everything here.

This tutorial is helpful for newbies and people trying to build a professional blog or website using wordpress.

When talking about starting a WordPress blog you should know about starting a WordPress blog you should know WordPress has two types.

We have paid WordPress and free WordPress the free WordPress is easy to set up and is accessed from wordpress.com but the paid WordPress is hosted by using a host. You might have come across servers which is used in the I.T center for a personal reason which applies to you when working with paid WordPress and that can be accessed from wordpress.org.

I will explain both WordPress and also how you can get your own host yourself,

So let’s get started.

How to create a free WordPress blog

Well, let hear all about creating a free WordPress blog, A free WordPress blog doesn’t require you using your money in getting WordPress but the amazing part you start with free WordPress as a newbie to get used to WordPress.

Note Most people I have thought Wordpress I taught them with paid WordPress because of the amazing feature it has.

To create a free WordPress blog follow the steps below:

  • First, go to WordPress.com and Select Get Started.
  • It will help you set up your free blog, Now sign up for your free wordpress.com account.
  • Click Next, then fill blog information like blog title which means what you want your blog title to be like when you writing an article.
  • When you’re finished, click Continue.
  • Free WordPress blog ends with wordpress.com so don’t think of removing it that the disadvantage of using free wordpress.com
  • Enter whatever you want to use as your blog’s URL.
  • Pick the free option with the Select button and then click Start with Free on the following page to see your new blog.

Now your free WordPress blog is created, the first thing on the checklist is to confirm your email address by responding to the email WordPress sent you. Open the message and select Click here to Confirm Now to be greeted with a welcoming email and a few “get started” steps that WordPress recommends.

You can perform a different function on your wordpress dashboard like changing your theme and co.

How to create a Paid WordPress blog Using Host

This method is not like the above method used it’s much different from that so take your time and read this to understand.

60% of blogs found on the internet is created using a paid WordPress method including my own blog.

I recommend creating a paid wordpress blog than using the free wordpress if you considering running the blog for years.

Paid wordpress blog has more features than the free wordpress i mentioned and explained earlier, to get started with your paid wordpress you need a host and i recommend you select from the collection I made

Nigerian Host

Whogohost, Smartweb, DomainKing

International Host

Kinsta, BlueHost, GoDaddy, DreamHost, and Namecheap, though there is more host you can find that online.

It all depend on your choice where you will like to host your paid wordpress. Everyone has its choice you may like an international host or nigerian host.

This blog is currently running on a nigerian host so I see nothing bad in using Nigerian host i have run couple of blog on a nigerian host and haven’t had any issues. Though most people use international host because they don’t trust Nigerian host.

In this tutorial i will be explaining how to create a paid wordpress blog using whogohost.

To host a paid wordpress you need to buy a custom domain and a host. So i will teach you how to buy a custom domain and host.

Custom domain is the URL you want people to access your site through like mine called deegeek.com.ng.

On a host, you can perform a lot of things you can install different CMS because wordpress is a content management system (CMS) and you can also create a subdomain from your custom domain from your host and many others.

How to buy a domain and host from whogohost

  • Visit whogohost.com
  • On the homepage, you will see a search box for domain input the domain you which to use then search.
  • After searching and the domain is available click proceed then you will be asked to select a host to see the image below:
  • After selecting a host, there is a different type of host depending on the size of disk space and bandwidth you want as you just starting i will suggest you start with aspire host because you need to gain traffic and with time you can upgrade, but you can select any plan you like.
  • Select your plan then proceed to payment and if you are new create your account by filling the information asked.
  • Select a payment method, if you using a debit card then select a quickteller or paystack.
  • After payment you should see the paid at the top of the invoice that’s all you can go to your whogohost account.
  • Then to see your domain scroll down you should see your domain connected to your host like this:
  • Click it if you want goto your Cpanel well we need to so do that.
  • Then click Login Cpanel on the sidebar.

Note: When you reach the Name server leave it since you using the host of that website.

How to Install WordPress from Cpanel

To install wordpress on cpanel is easy using softaculous, let’s take a look at it. Whogohost would have sent you an email so please read them you can also find manual login details to your cpanel but the above method is preferred in case you forget your cpanel details.

    • After you might have been taken to your cpanel.
    • Scroll down and locate the “Softaculous Apps Installer” and click on WordPress.
    • On the next page, click on “Install” and wait for few minutes for installation process to start.
    • When it completes, you’ll taken to a page, fill it like this:
      1. The protocol box should be http://
      2. The domain box should be your domain name.
      3. The directory box should be left empty.

Admin Account

      1. Fill your Admin Username and Admin Password. This will be the details you’ll need to enter to log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard to write blog posts and make other necessary changes to your blog, so keep it safe. When choosing your Admin Email make sure it’s an email address you check frequently.
      2. Check the Limit Login Attempt (Loginizer) box. This helps to protect your site against brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts for your WordPress installation. If selected Loginizer plugin will be installed and activated with your installation.
    • Fill the rest and thats all.

Now you know how to create a wordpress blog using any of the method above you like (free wordpress or paid wordpress)

Tell me which method you like and which of the wordpress do you like free or paid?

If you having any difficulty with wordpress creation leave a comment for me below…

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