This tutorial is not a long tutorial to put you through in other to find widget id in blogger so let’s get straight to the point, you need a basic understanding of blogger in other to perform this action properly.

This method will help you find blogger gadgets id in other to customize and perform anything you wish to do with it.

I wrote an article on how to hide or show widgets on blogger for either pc or mobile view you can check it out.

I believe you know how to add gadgets on your blogger templates easily.

How to find Widget ID in Blogger (Blogspot)

  • Login your blogger dashboard
  • Navigate to Layout >> Then click the widget you want to find its id.
  • click on the Edit link for that widget, as in the following image below:
    Blogger Layout: add a widget
  •  You will see the Widget Editing window popup as in the following image.
  • From the top address bar of the popup screen, move a cursor to the very right, you will see something like “widgetId=HTML1”. Then HTML1 is the Widget ID we are looking for. Write it down.

That’s all, you have successfully found your widget id.

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