Today, i will put you through on how I was able to check my glo number with my phone and we can testify that Glo is one Africa’s leading telecom network and one thing they are known for is their affordable data plans.

Although their network is not good in all locations in the country, you will surely enjoy their services in any location that has their coverage.

This steps won’t be a long one just that i will explain different methods which you can get to know your glo number.

How to Check Glo Phone Number Easily

Calling/ sending SMS a friend close to you: This method is easy because everyone is familiar with calling. All you need do is recharge your said Glo line with airtime, then use this line in calling or sending an SMS to a friend. Your number definitely would appear on the other person’s mobile phone and you can get your phone number this way.

Dial a Number: All you have to do is launch your dialer and call 1244 with your Glo line whose number you want to check. Just like you are receiving an activation code from Google, a voice will tell you your Glo Phone number and that’s it.

Dial USSD Number: To check your Glo line number using USSD code, dial *135*8#. The number will display on your phone.

This is the methods that can help you get your Glo number easily.

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