Hey, don’t be full of surprise you can browse free on all network using freebasics services I will teach you how to get it done today and you start enjoying this method.

Before we go deep into it well you should know you cant download on freebasics so don’t expect yourself to download from websites with it.

Guess most of us using 4G Mifi on MTN are enjoying our 100GB data so let’s get learn how to browse freely.

We all know that Freebasics can only access limited sites on their service with supported networks like MTN, 9mobile and Airtel.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy or to be able to do this just follow the steps mentioned here.

Here are the Requirements needed:

  • An Android device
  • MTN,  9mobile or Airtel sim without data
  • 3G or 4G network
  • Default APN settings
  • Chrome, Firefox or UC browser is recommended.

How to Browse Free on All Networks Using Freebasics Service

Ok, Let’s get started and enjoy the free way to surf the internet easily.

  1. Go to Freebasic website  Click Here
  2. Scroll down and tap on Add More Free Services
  3. Now, search for Epage and add the site
  4. After that, visit Epage. You will see Proxy 01, Proxy 02 and Proxy 03. Tap anyone you like.
  5. When it opens, input any site address and tap on Go
  6. That’s all.

Well, Enjoy the internet geeks 🙂 …

Note: Freebasics doesn’t support JavaScript and Images. So you won’t see full website design, including photos.

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