There is no way we haven’t come across meta description on blogger also known as Blogspot because they play a part in our SEO and we just can’t avoid them even. Years to come no search engine will consider removing meta description from its search engine because they are short notes that explain the specific post/ page a user is trying to visit.

Yeah, my title is 100% correct meta description for blogger function like WordPress and can improve your SEO by 20% on a search engine, if anyone hasn’t told you meta descriptions are meant to contain keywords of that specific page or post.

I also studied a lot of Blogspot can’t seem to skip duplicate meta descriptions maybe they are thinking it will help due to SEO friendly aspect but it just makes things worse for you.

I have seen successful blogs run on Blogspot and perform well on search engine include DEEGEEK which was formerly on Blogspot and I had a reason for using it to prove most people that what is done on WordPress can also be done on Blogspot and you can rank the same page just like WordPress blogs.

Meta keywords tag are not used anymore like they were used before so I won’t say you using it on your blospot will improve your SEO but you can add it if you wish.

If I could remember I have said something like WordPress is not really friendly if not used along with plugins that optimize it to make it friendly.

Lastly Meta tags are HTML or XHTML code only.

Before i explain the steps to add meta description you need to note this:

  • I will teach you how to add meta description on the homepage like wordpress (so when searched on a search engine it shows your descripion)
  • I will teach you how to add meta description on a specific post like wordpress yoast.

Let’s see what i cooked for you now.

How to Add Meta Description to Blogger

Like i said i will be teaching you the steps to add meta description to the homepage and add meta descripion to post, meta descriptions improve SEO i will keep saying this so note it. If you haven’t setup Yoast SEO for blogger do that now read here.

How To Add Meta Description to Homepage on blogger

  1. Login your blogger dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Search Preferences, as shown below:
  3. Click the [Edit] button close Description under Meta tags, if not enabled do that now click the checkbox to Yes
  4. Then you should see a textarea below type in your description don’t forget to add your keywords to it.
  5. Then click save changes when done.

How to Add Meta Description to Specific Post on blogger

Now lets put specific post description, specific post description helps alot to tell the search engine about that post topic don’t also forget to add your keyword to it.

  1. Go to your Blog Posts and click Add a new post or Edit the existing post you already have.
  2. Click Search Description option under Post settings. 
  3. Enter the meta description for the post and click Done.

Well, hope you enjoyed the tutorial? if you have any question ask in the comment box i will answer all.

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