I will teach you how to make money online promoting deals from dealdey Affiliate program if you don’t know about dealdey well it’s an e-commerce website in Nigeria with over 100+ products and services ranging from the diverse collection for sale at greatly discounted rates. The amazing part you get your earnings directly into your Nigerian bank Account.

The discount in these goods and services are aimed at attracting large customers base interested in getting value for their money. This platform has grown in size that it features so many products and services for you to promote which makes it a great way for you to make money from today!

Dealdey affiliate program simply allows you to generate sales for Dealdey through unique links and banners which can be used on your blog or website and in return receive a percentage of the value of those sales. It is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

If you are familiar with other affiliate programs like jumia affiliate program and Konga affiliate program you will notice that you get paid from when you make sales using your affiliate link known as a commission.

If you don’t have a blog or website that doesn’t stop you from using dealdey affiliate programme you can also share links on your facebook profile or create a page that can help generate sales.

If you are new to affiliate marketing you can read my beginner’s guide here.

Benefits of using Dealdey Affiliate Program

  1. You get N 500 per order in addition to the percentage accrued to the category.
  2. Access an archive of creative banner ads and text links to use on your blog or website.
  3. Additional compensation for top performers
  4. 30 day cookie lifetime
  5. Payment in Naira to your bank account
  6. Unlimited support for the DealDey affiliate team.

How to Join Dealdey Affiliate Program

Dealdey is easy to join and you can get your account in less than 20min of registration and i will put you through on how to sign up for dealdey affiliate program.

  • Visit Dealdey Affiliate program sign up link or Dealdey official website.
  • Click Register if you using dealdey website
  • Fill the registration form before you can become a dealdey affiliate
  • Once approved, you will receive an email containing your Affiliate partnerID and password.

Please write down your details or star the email so you can always get the details to login your account, get used to the dashboard before sharing any link.

If you wish to change your dealdey password to something else you can remember well it’s easy follow the step below:

  • Log in with the details you received via email
  • Click on “My Profile” link at the top right-hand side of the page
  • Scroll down the page. Enter the new password
  • Then enter the old one.
  • Click “change data”.

That’s all, Navigate through Programs to get your tracking link.

If you have any issues with dealdey please leave a comment below.

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