I could remember when only 15% of Nigerians where into mini importation but today more than 20% of Nigerian entrepreneurs venture into mini importation daily. Today, i will teach you How to start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria with N10,000 and gain N200,000 in 30days.

I wrote this Guide because its my dream to see others successful through me and today i will make you one by making money from mini importation, mini Importation business is one of the fastest growing business you can get involved at home, little Start up Capital and gives you the opportunity of attending to other business, which means you can do this business along with any other forms of business.

Are you unemployed or are you a student? and want to make cool cash today then you should read this to know the procedure to make money from mini importation.

Importation means the process of bringing in good or services from foreign countries into your home country for sale. You might have been talked into believing that only the rich or government workers are likely to engage in the business of importation, or the closest to importation you can get is by getting these group of people to act as middlemen between you and the foreign company. Times have changed now because with just few personal gadgets, you can import right from the comfort of your room.

You can import about anything from foreign countries as long as they are not contrabands, from laptops, watches, dresses, weaves, household gadgets, children toys, bags, cars, phones etc. and have them delivered to you anywhere around the country. You do not need to be an internet whizkid, millions of naira nor an office to start this business of importation. Gone are those days when you need to have a family friend abroad that can help in sending down goods before you engage in importation.

It is simply an online method of importing in small scale,  no paperwork required and funds can be started with funds as little as N10,000 and you can earn up to 200,000 within 30 days.

Are you ready to make money from mini importation and you have a very small capital, one advice I will give you is forget about the niche thing and focus on discovering hot-selling products with high-profit margins that would appeal to customers.

You can import mobile phones, computers, tablets, kitchen utensils, office equipment, home appliances, clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, toiletries and other things you may wish to import at amazing prices.

Requirements to begin Mini Importation Business

If you want to do the mini importation business, you have to tick some basic requirements, this will set you in a pole position to avoid mistakes and errors and afford you the chance to enjoy your importation journey.

To begin importing, you will need the following in place already:

  • A valid home address
  • A naira MasterCard or visa ATM issued by any Nigerian bank of your choice
  • A startup importation capital {at least 10,000 naira}
  • The websites or online portals to do your cheap shopping.
  • A shipping company that will get your goods to you.
  • Knowledge of Mini importation business (all in our ultimate mini importation manual).

Now lets get started.

How to start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Lets start by listing the type of products you can buy and selling in nigeria because all product can be consumed in nigeria as long as its for sell.

Below are some of the products you can import and sell to make huge profit:

  •  Phones (Blackberry, android phones etc)
  • Phone memory card
  • Phone accessories (case, porch, ear piece, charger etc)
  • Laptops and Laptops accessories ( laptop bags, antivirus, flash drives etc)
  • Bags
  • Suits
  • Ladies sandals & Male sandals
  • Hair clippers
  • Shoes and belts
  • Computer accessories
  • External DVD drive
  • Wrist watches
  • Motor spare parts
  • Designer T-shirt  & Children clothes

The above mentioned categories/ niche can are always asked daily the only way now is now do you make money from them? Please note that importation can also take place on large scale but I will be focusing mainly on small scale because that is my area of interest

When you will learn from this:

  • How to start with N10,000
  • How to Make 100% profit (not found on other website)
  • How to Market your products
  • How to enjoy easy Selling to Students
  • How to Avoid Custom Duties When Importing large Items or bulk goods to Nigeria.
  • What to Import That Will Make you good profit

In order for you to understand it properly i have made it avaliable in PDF which you can download and read anytime you want. Well, i have the E-book which is not expensive for anyone to order and become successful in mini importation business.

The rescources you get on Google about mini importation won’t be as strong as what this E-book contains.

Advantage of being a Mini Importer

  • This saves you from stress of running from one place or another just to mske sure the goods gets delivered
  • The probability of being scammed is low compared to person to person
  • Your goods will be delivered to a specific address
  • You have the chance of choosing the particular product you want from a pool of products
  • You can buy any worth you need
  • High rate of profit

The E-book have taught more than 40 people who are successful in mini importation business in nigeria today, so don’t under estimate the power of the Ebook.

Before we continue, i have done a complete compilation of the best MINI IMPORTATION GUIDE PDF, you can get your copy below and save the stress of reading this article.

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Have any questions? Drop them via comment box.

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