Today, blogging is something else you agree? Even a 10 years old kid want to own a blog.

Have you been having difficulty in writing more than 500 words on your blog or are you new to blogging and wish to write all articles on your blog?

The analysis shows that 75% of the content found on the web are either copied by most newbie bloggers just to make more content available on their blog.

If you come to think of it, writing your blog post is not that bad or time wasting. Those writing their content like I do haven’t been sad for a day for writing contents.

Before I go straight to the point let me tell you this anyone can write more than 500 words, 1000 words, 2000 words and even more depending on how they can get it done.

Even the entertainment industry that currently writes about 100 words – 300 words can even write 500 words or more.

Today is the day you increase your writing skill and everything discussed here matters and count in improving your writing skill.

Let’s see how you can write your own 500 words now.

How to write your first 500 word Blog Post

Well, we speak a lot in English so I don’t know who can’t write in English because English is a general language to get started.

You can download & install Microsoft word or make use of Google doc online to learn and improve your writing skill.

Why do you need any of them? Because they are writing tools but if you own a blog and wish to test on your blog, well thumbs up on that.

Writing helps in to improve your communication skill, I can write more than 5 articles with 1000 words each in a day.

How am I able to do that?

Due to my writing skill, I have been able to get that done, well for the first time I started writing my content it was a bit difficult and over time I started writing my content easily without been worried about trying to write above 1000 words.

Believe me, if other blogs can write above 1000 words then why can’t you do such.

How to write your blog post

Have you ever read most bloggers post or mine from the beginning and as you read you find something that wants you to read more? Yes, that’s what makes writing effective and attract reader attention.

Now take your tea and sit back and enjoy.

To write your blog post you need these three key things to determine your blog post on your blog.

  • Blog post title
  • Blog post Keyword
  • Blog post Content

Having known what you need let’s explain.

Blog post title: This is the title of the blog post you write about, a blog post title has a certain amount of characters it must contain which is 55-70 characters long.

Anything more than that is known as writing for yourself or just getting things complicated.

Always make sure your blog post title is between that range, an example of a blog post title is shown below:

Blog post keyword: blog post keyword is basically about keyword if you haven’t heard about keyword before you continue.

Blog post keyword is a specific word like “SEO” that is targeted to some amount of people when typed on a search engine that can be used to reach your blog.

This is really difficult to find the best keyword if you blogging on entertainment niche most of your keywords would be: download, watch, view, see this, checkout and breaking news. Because entertainment doesn’t really have much to surround yourself.

Blog post content: Blog post content is the body of your post, so here is the main reason I wrote this article so your question should be what next?

To write a blog post content you need to start with a non-stop line why? Because this line will make your readers keep reading and this is called bucket brigade.

For example:

Have you ever tried making 2 million in less than a second?

Lol, trust me they will think about it and will love to see the next line you have cooked for them. I would advise you try making a good intro for your blog content properly but you don’t want your visitors leaving your blog without gaining anything.

For example:

What if I told you I just did that 3 times?

Now you cut big fish. Here is the deal…

Always write above 100 words introduction about the title and the keyword must be that content as well.

Then use 100 words to explain about the title using the non-stop method/ bucket brigade

Then use 100 words to give a nice conclusion of the whole content.

Having done that you are good to go to make it count.

Writing content is simple as ABC so you can write it. Always remember you can also write more than 1000 words same with you can increase the number of words you want for an introduction.

Conclusion: The big finish

Now, I have given you the biggest way to catch a fish and don’t waste your time copying content just to increase total content found on your blog, no way to enjoy that.

Blog with passion and always make sure they get something from what you wrote.

I can assure you if you follow every statement made in this article you can improve your writing skill in less than a week.

Make a difference today…

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