Blogger is really easy to customize without having to get yourself confused, well today i will teach you how to upload custom template on blogger.

You might have downloaded your blogger template from any free downloading source online and you want to get it uploaded on blogger, i could remember around 2015 when i started using blogger i couldn’t make perform this action but after learning it i saw its quite easy.

Enough of the story…
Our platform like wordpress, joomla and more also perform this action also.

Now lets get started.

How to Upload a Custom Template on Blogger

  • After you might have downloaded the template from any resource website, unzip the template if you using an android phone download any unzip app from playstore and if you using a laptop just get winzip installed.
  • Open your Blogger dashboard
  • Click on template (displayed along the sidebar)
  • Click the Backup/Restore button located at the upper right corner.
  • A popUp with the screenshot below will appear.
  • Click “choose a file”
  • Then select the location of the template you downloaded
  • Then select the XML file
  • Then Upload

Note: Blogspot template are save in XML file…

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial?

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