I will teach you how to resize all post image automatically in blogger, having a full-width Blogspot image helps in other for your visitors to see what is written clearly on the image most of us use infographics on our post when writing which makes resizing post image automatically comes in instead of manually adjusting it.

Blogger provides default basic settings to resize images in our blog posts but up to a limited extent i.e., we can only resize images within four options: small, medium, large and X-large.

it can be done with a small CSS coding.

How To Resize All Posts Images Automatically In Blogger?

Just follow the below small steps to add this CSS tweak in your Blogspot blog.
  • First of all, Go to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Template > Edit Html.
  • In the HTML area and press Ctrl+F for quick finding this tag:  ]]></b:skin> 
  • Now, paste the below codings just above the ]]></b:skin> tag

.post-body img {
width: 600px!important;
height: auto!important; }

  • To decrease or increase the width of images then change the value of width: 600px:
  • The above coding will not resize the height of your post’s images and will resize width only but if you want to increase or decrease the height of image too then change height: 600:px or according to your blog width:
  • If you wish to add a border to the image then simply use the below coding instead of above codings:

border: 1px solid #fff}

  • You can also customize, border size by change pixels value from border: 1pxand to change the border color, just change this color code #fff as per your needs.
  • Save your template >> You’re all done.
Now you have successfully resized your post image you should see the new image on your blog.


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