Are you tried of spamming? and you don’t want comments posted on your blog anymore due to spammers, try disabling comments from post and page on blogspot and be free from comments and enjoy publishing great content with no comments.


How to disable comments from posts and pages in Blogger

There are two methods in which you can get it done

How to Disable comments on Blogger Posts and Pages:

Using this method you can enable or disable comments on specific blog page or post. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:
  • Login to your Blogger account and go to your Blogger blog dashboard.
  • Select pages or posts that you want to disable or enable comments and click edit. (You can also create a new post or page)
  • Now you will have your page or post editor.
  • In the right sidebar, you will see page and post settings.
  • Now click on options and you will see comment settings for that particular page or post.
  • Select the preferred option and click done.
Don’t allow, show existing: In feature people cannot make comments on that page or post, but it shows the existing comments.
Don’t allow, hide existing: By enabling this option user can never make comments and never see comments.

How to Disable Comments in All Posts and Pages at once

Go to blogger dashboard and select settings in the menu on left side.
(2). Now click on posts and comments and search for Comments.
How to enable or disable comments in blogger | 101helper blogger(3). Just below Comments click on embedded.
(4). Choose hide and click on save settings.
There are more options also read below to know their function:
Embedded: This option allow visitors to post comments from the post which they are reading.
Full page and Popup window: This option will take visitors to a new page where they can post comments.
Hide: By selecting this option you are hiding all comments and visitors are also not allowed to post comments on any post or page. But this option only hides comments doesn’t delete them.
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