What if I told you trying to gain organic traffic is not that easy as you may think. i will give you a good reason for that, most bloggers are after getting traffic to their blog what about not getting Google angry there are few rules you need to obey in other to enjoy the fruit of organic traffic.

You can agree with me that building your SEO day and night might not still give you that organic traffic you are looking for.

Take away from this article

  • you need to understand the basics
  • how to boost your organic traffic
  • how to correct previous mistakes

That’s what I will be putting you through to get your blog in good shape doing the right thing. There are many factors that are considered in other for you to increase your organic traffic from 1% to 5% today. I will tell you the truth buying traffic is easy but not cool but organic traffic is the best traffic for your business or blog.

Today, we going to take a walk on how you can increase and get organic traffic to any blog easily.

Getting visitors from organic traffic can help improve your conversion rate and can lead to sales because Adsense will display search term to term when ads are displayed.

This type of ads could be high CPC Adsense which is going to give you some really cool cash, so I guess you see why getting organic traffic is not bad.

In addition, when you get traffic direct advertisers tend to hunt for you (your blog), you agree with me there are many search engine out there like: google, bing, Yandex and more out of the one I mentioned Google is the most used search engine that it’s even on smartphone for easy access.

Currently, my blog generates more than 200-300 clicks daily from the search engine.

Apart from targeting organic traffic you also get huge traffic from social media. You can check out this few articles below that can help you get more traffic;

Let’s see how we can get organic traffic.

Best ways for Bloggers to Gain Organic Traffic in 2019

First, there are many things to put into consideration in other to organic traffic to your blog.

  1. Make your blog friendly: Making your blog friendly gives you more opportunity to increase your traffic, when I mean blog friendly am simply saying making your blog URL easy to understand by the search engine and also using a well-optimized theme like mine.
  2. Write SEO optimized content: Writing SEO optimized content means writing content your visitors and search engine understand and has the full optimized as explained in missile SEO technique.
  3. Always work on link building: This is another important part you need to work daily on its just about building backlinks which is off page SEO, why is this important? because it helps improve your SERPS and thats everyone dream to perform better on search engines and show at the top.
  4. Regular content update: Always keep your blog updated as possible because a blog without an updated content is not going to help you get traffic every visitor want to keep visiting if you can keep updating your blog and always make your content unique its pays to write unique content for your visitors.
  5. Let your visitors revisit: This is the hardest part keeping your visitors coming back, most bloggers can’t keep 20% of their visitors coming back but i will put you through. Giving them a way to subscribe so they get notified to come back and pay you a visit again.


You have learnt the greatest tips to get traffic to your blog now, what are you waiting for? give it a try and see how your traffic grows from 10% to 50% in less than a week.

In other to keep your visitors coming back, you can try using one signal notification, subscription box and more. Just figure out what will work best for you.

Leave a comment if you still having issues getting traffic…

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