Mtn Introduces 4G Special Offer, Upgrade your SIM Now

Are you using Mtn SIM? is your MTN sim 4G? Are you a 4G user on MTN? if yes then this is for you, If you not yet a 4G user on MTN then you need to read this information below.

Mtn has finally introduce a way for 4G users to get more offers from them by introducing this new special offer for only 4G users and to enjoy this offer you need to get yourself a 4g SIM from the nearest Mtn office or any SIM upgrade shoplet.

This special offer is limited to new users planning or preparing to upgrade their sim, mtn has given a plan that can make you enjoy 4g.

What this 4g special offers include:

  1. Free 4GB when you upgrade your MTN sim
  2. 25% bonus when on any data plan for 3 month

Don’t the above mentioned offers looking special to start a new month with?

In other to enjoy this offer get a new mtn sim or upgrade your sim from 3G to 4G now…

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