I will put you through on How To Park a Free or Custom Domain Name to your Byethost Cpanel either you using it for wordpress or any php script testing this is the best way to park your domain on byethost.

This tutorial will put you through on how to park domain to your byethost specially freenom domains like .tk, .ga, .ml, .qp and more.

How To Park a Free or Custom Domain Name to your Byethost Cpanel

The first thing to do before parking a domain from freenom you have to place an order for the domain from freenom.com website, creating and ordering domain from freenom is easy not a long process.

If you already have an existing domain on freenom you want to add to byethost lets make this tutorial more easy.

    • After logining into your freenom account
    • Goto Services
    • Then My Domain
    • Then select the particular domain you wish to use on byethost
    • A new page should appear click on Management tools 
    • And after selecting management tools a new pop out will show from the windows click on Nameservers

Fill in the name server on custom name servers

and save your settings

ByetHost Nameserver include:






Your domain is now ready to be parked to your Byethost site. if your domain is paid or free use the same name server as shown above it will still work.

Now To park Your domain to your byethost site follow steps below.

How to Park Domain to Byethost Free hosting easily

  • Login your byethost cpanel,after logining in scroll down to Domain section as shown below:
  • Click Aliases (parked domain)
  • Fill the domain you just parked on freenom in the domain name text box then select the byethost default domain as park onto as show below
  • Then Add parked domain
  • That’s all you should receive a congratulation message from byethost on that page.

Now you can install your wordpress site using softcalous from your cpanel if you wish to use your byethost for wordpress.


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