Are you interested in making money from Travelstart’s Affiliate programme offers lifestyle bloggers, established travel agencies and aspiring (travel) website owners the opportunity to sell flight tickets in partnership with Travelstart.

The programme allows selected partners earn up to 70% commission when they get their customers to purchase flight tickets directly from their own website.

Becoming an Affiliate with Travelstart provides website owners with an opportunity to continue to be their own boss and make more money for their businesses!

The forum is part of Travelstart marketing initiatives to build stronger relationships with our Affiliates.

It also presents an opportunity for Travelstart to share products & features updates, ideas around how the Affiliates can make more money and most importantly, the forum serves as an opportunity for the Affiliates to share their feedback.

If you have a travel website, blog or social presence, you can actually make some commmission as an affiliate of an online travel website called TravelStart.

TravelStart is one of the few travel service providers that actually has an affiliate program. They provide service to people who want to take a flight either locally or internationally and you can make money by referring customers to them

As at the last time I checked, their commission was set at $10 per domestic flight and at $20 per International flight booked by customers you referred. So if you referred a person who booked a flight to Ghana from Nigeria through them, you’d earn a flat fee of $10 and for Lagos to London, you’d earn up to $20.

I think it’s not that bad but I was wishing that their affiliate commission should be rate based rather than a flat fee. Anyway, you’d still be giving your visitor’s a good platform to make their bookings online. Good thing is that Travelstart also has a mobile friendly website.

The easiest way of making money from Travelstart is by actually having a travel review site where frequent travellers normally visit and by placing banners and links on that site, chances are that your visitor would also book a flight with them and that would make you some money.

You could promote TravelStart even if you don’t have your own website by using email marketing or even social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

To start making money as a TravelStart Affiliate, you need to first of all register as an affiliate by filling the form at TravelStart Application page. When your application is accepted, you’d then be able to log into your account and make use or your affiliate links and promote it.

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