I could remember when Google don’t take HTTPS links that seriously but now having an HTTPS site should be your #1 target when starting a website without an HTTPS you can’t protect your visitors information, HTTPS plays a vital role in securing your visitors from hackers and since Google has made it part of its algorithm I don’t see why you won’t want to enable HTTPS for your website.

Today I will put you through on how to enable Free HTTPS on BlogSpot blog for either Custom domain or 3rd party domain without having to go through long process that involves you buying SSL certificate when BlogSpot offers this for free.

If you ever wondered how do people get hacked its due to lack of protection which Google now takes seriously just to prevent its users from getting hacked.

There are great benefits that lies when you make use of a website with HTTPS than a website using only HTTP, Google gives HTTPs website more ranking value than HTTP this days and everyone dream is to get to #1 on Google.

how to enable Free HTTPS on BlogSpot blog

  • Login to your BlogSpot dashboard
  • Click on the dropdown & go to your blog settings
  • Go to Settings > Basics & look for HTTPS Settings option
  • From the HTTPS availability dropdown, select yes & save the option.

Once you enable HTTPS feature for your blog, it will be accessed with the encrypted version.

If you have a custom domain connected to your blogspot you can also perform this action above.

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