Now you can make DSTV Nigeria Online Payment easily now, having passed the age of going to Nearest DSTV subscription Shop to pay and get your plan renewed.

Paying for dstv is not the only thing you need to do get your view restored. You also need to activate your dstv after payment for them to restore your view.

This article is also guide on how to check subscription due date and account balance.

How to make DSTV Subscription Payment Online in Nigeria

How to make DSTV Subscription Payment Online Using Quickteller

If you want to pay for your subscription online, one of your options may be QuickTeller.


This online platform is connected with the integrated billing system and is very easy to use. Let’s look at how it works!

  • To start, you need to switch decoder’s status on your account from connected to disconnected.
  • Then go to, log in and select the DStv.
  • After that, you need to enter your e-mail address, mobile phone, and smartcard number. Ready?
  • Click NEXT.
  • Type your name, as it is written on the DStv subscription and confirm your smartcard number.
  • Then you should click PAY and click on the type of debit card type you have (MasterCard, Interswitch, Verve).
  • Fill in your card details – card number, expiry date and the 4-digit PIN of your card.
  • The last step! After you click PAY, the purchase will be successfully completed and you will get access to the DStv services.

How to make DSTV Subscription Payment Online Using PAGA e-Pay

Online payments are very popular these days, and PAGA e-Pay platform can be used to pay for your DStv subscription. Let’s see how you can do this.

  • First of all, you go to the official page of PAGA e-Pay and log in.
  • There you will see a list of online payment methods that you can use in your country.
  • Then you need to select Paga e-Pay and continue by following the instructions.

How to make DSTV Subscription Payment Online Using DStv website

Of course, the first option of paying DStv is by visiting the official website of the company to pay. If you want to pay for the service this way, you need to do the following:

  • First, go to the DStv website. Then select the country where you live and enter the specific Smart card number.
  • Click on VERIFY. After this step, you will need to check the payment summary page by clicking on VIEW BALANCE AND PAY.
  • There you will see the amount of money you are supposed to pay.
  • Click on PAY button. Once you do so, you will see the Payment Subscription page with some information about your account.
  • Select eTranzact payment option and BankIT and enter bank account number. After that, you will get a generated 6-digit password and after filling it in you click on submit.
  • Then you need to call *389*00# withthe phone number connected with your Bank account and receive the OTP code.
  • Enter the OTP in the appropriate space and click PAY. This time, the payment response should state that the transaction is completed successfully.

Now you can select from our list of ways to make payment easy for you using any option you to enjoy.

Hope the list helped you and you can choose an option you prefer. Do not forget that online payment is not only an easy way to pay for DStv subscription but the best way to save time and money.

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