Do you know? You can Now upload on Instagram with your browser on PC…

A lot of use don’t know How to Upload on Instagram with PC using Browser like Chrome, Safari, UCBrowser but today I will assist you in solving that problem this can only work by using the instagram website.

Before you get a chance to upload or post on Instagram you need to apply some tricks that will give you the benefit to enjoy what normal Instagram users uses. One thing about Instagram is that they don’t allow us upload photos or videos to our profiles on PC.

Most people use Instagram scheduling tool to post directly on PC without knowing this little secret on how to post pictures on Instagram from my computer.

Thanks to this Instagram hacks that gives you benefit to upload or post directly to Instagram from your browser on your PC.

Instagram has been existing on the internet for quite some time now and trust me when I say this article will help you fix issue of posting on Instagram with your PC.

How I got to know about this?

Been a programmer is cool same with playing with things found on your PC.

Here is the deal, Instagram only allows smartphone browsers access the feature freely on like PC users which have to follow this little guide to get it done.

I have made this tutorial as easy as ABC for you to understand everything written on it…

This trick can also be applied on Mac Os if you understand your way around Mac.

If you also having problem accessing Instagram app this might be a one-time solution for you but you might be limited to some features the app allows you like: Multiple accounts, messaging, Bulk Upload, carousel post etc.

How to Upload on Instagram with PC using Browser like Chrome, Safari, UCBrowser

  • Go to the browser of your choose ( Safari, Chrome, UCBrowser, OperaMini)
  • Right Click your Mouse you should see different options
  • Click inspect element or press CTRL + SHIFT + I on your keyboard
  • You should see your browser screen show a small version of your browser homepage
  • Move your mouse to the device toolbar or press CTRL + SHIFT + M, see image below of how the icon looks like:

  • Once the device toolbar is enabled select the device you wish your browser to display in like Galaxy S5, or see image below:
  • Then enter the instagram website link in your address bar then enter.
  • Login and that’s all
  • Now you should see the + icon below and now you can post image on PC from your browser.

Alternatives to upload on instagram

You can download Bluestack a PC software for using android apps on your PC or you can download the instagram app using the windows store.

Don’t forget I said there are limitations of features you can use on instagram website.

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