Have you been looking for How to Upload a Song on Soundcloud via PC and Android? I will put you through on how to upload your song on soundcloud either on PC or android device easily.

What is Soundcloud all About?

SoundCloud is an audio platform which allows you to share your favorite music or your original composition to other people. It is a good avenue for upcoming artists to freely promote their songs or music for others to hear.

The platform has a Web and mobile version allowing you to upload, download, promote, or record your own songs anytime, anywhere.

Soundcloud allows it easy for you to setup an account without much stress either by signing up with facebook or Google account.

Here is how to upload your sounds to SoundCloud.

How to Upload a Song on Soundcloud via PC and Android

You can upload your music/song either using your PC or android device, i will be explaining both ways for you.

How to Upload a Song on Soundcloud on PC

  • Visit Soundcloud Official Website.
  • click either SignUp or Login and enter your details.
  • After logging into your account, you should see a text indicating “Upload” on the main menu as shown below:
  • Click the “Upload” it will take you to a fresh page showing soundcloud uploader then select your song:
  • wait for the uploading to finish.
  • while waiting also edit your song details like inserting ablum art and filling your song description etc.
  • Click save after uploading is done.

How to Upload a Song on Soundcloud on Android

  • Download and install Soudcloud on Android.
  • Go to File Manager on your android device.
  • Navigate to where your song is located.
  • Hold on the song like you want to Share via Bluetooth.
  • Click Share then you should see “share to soundcloud”
  • Click it and you will be taken directly to soundcloud then you can edit your song details:
  • Wait until it finish uploading then save.

Thats all.

Now you can upload on soundcloud on PC and android device without much stress…

If you still have any problem please notify me in the comment box.

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