Do you know you can make money online from Payporte affiliate program in nigeria?

We all know how we nigerians love buying products online. Here is the deal, why don’t we earn some commission with payporte affiliate.

Most of us might know payporte to be the best online store in nigeria, by sellling payporte products to make some change for yourself would make you earn directly from payporte affiliate program.

Today, i will put you through on how to make money from payporte affiliate program, if you already familiar with jumia affiliate program and konga affiliate program then payporte affiliate program should not seem too new to you.

What is Payporte Affiliate Program?

Payporte affiliate program is a way for you to earn online selling wide variety of products from payporte online store and earning commission for those sales, payporte products include: gadgets, fashion, home appliances, accessories, furniture and more.

Joining payporte affiliate programme gives you a startup comission of N1000 into your account, also get weekly update on promotion and offers, you get benefit to promote from wide variety of products.

How to Register Payporte Affiliate Program

If you ready to earn yourself some cash working with payporte then follow this guide in order to register as a member.

  • Visit Payporte Affiliate program website.
  • Fill all neccessary information on the registration page.
  • Get free 1000 Naira free after registration.

After registration and you are in your payporte affiliate marketing account you might want to take a look at the which product you can market, in order to do so follow the step below:

  • Login your payporte affiliate dashboard
  • Get your affiliate link selling link for any product using referral links or banner.
  • You can use link on your blog and also on social media for easy sales.
  • If anyone buys anything under you it will be registered with your name as the refferal
  • After payporte review and approve the sale you get 5%-10% commission off every sale made under you.

You get paid through your bank account using payporte affiliate withdrawal.

If you have any question about this program please use the comment box.


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