smartweb affiliate program is another amazing hosting affiliate program in nigeria where you can earn more than 50,000 Naira.

I keep saying there are more than 1000 ways to make money online in nigeria without having to run a blog.

Affiliate marketing is now one of the trending category in the blogging industry now without having to waste your time earning from Google Adsense or using affiliate marketing to support your earns.

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Today’s article will give you a full details of how you can make money from smartweb affiliate program.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing you might want to take a quick look at my article on: How to make fast cash from affiliate marketing.

For those new to smartweb affiliate program let me give you a quick explanation about smartweb.

What is Smartweb Affiliate Program?

Smartweb affiliate program is a sub product of smartweb hosting company in nigeria where you can buy domain and host here in nigeria and giving you extra way to make money from them by referring a new user to its hosting or by selling an host using your smartweb affiliate link.

If you a web designer that host websites without owning a host then you should try making use of smartweb and also getting paid for others who register and buys a host using your link.

Is Smartweb Affiliate Program Legit?

Yes, 100% they have never scammed anyone since their existence and they known for their uniqueness and their ability to serve their users well.

Smartweb have a reputation to keep so they won’t like to destroy all that in a day because of just one user.

How to Sign Up for Smartweb Affiliate Program

  • Visit Smartweb Website.
  • Fill the Form in the registration page
  • Account activated immediately
  • After registering as a member of Smartweb you will be given ₦1000 as your first commission to welcome you to the program.

How does Smartweb Affiliate Program commission works?

Smartweb pays based on sales you generate, any sales that is made from your unique referral link you get a 15% commission which will be deposited to your account and you are eligible to withdraw once you reach it’s threshold of ₦5,000.

In addition, as a new affiliate to smartweb affiliate programme, you’ll only have to make ₦4,000 before your earnings will be credited to your account.


If you promote your affiliate program you should earn more than 50,000 naira in a month. This program will pay more to those in the website design industry and blogging about hosting company.

You can also make money online without investing a dime, read my article on how to make money online in nigeria without spending a dime.

Now you can make cool cash from smartweb affiliate program in nigeria.

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