If you a web developer or you provide web development services you should have come across dreamhost now you can earn $97 from dreamhost affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing has become the world’s most asked question on the internet now because everyone wants to make a living online.

If you are probably worried if you can make a living in dreamhost affiliate program you should be an expert in affiliate marketing or you should be a expert in your field (web development).

Dreamhost is part of the world’s most popular web hosting companies, and it’s achieved massive success since it was founded by four college students.

If you are going to build website or blog expecting 6000 page views per day, I recommend you; DreamHost is the best web hosting solution for you.

Today, i will put you through on how to register and earn close to $100 from dreamhost affiliate program monthly.

We have other affiliate programs like Udemy affiliate program, Edx Affiliate program etc.

In other to make money as dreamhost affiliate you  don’t need to become a customer who owns an hosting account with them.

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Let’s Get Started…

How to Earn $97 from DreamHost Affiliate Program

How Dremhost Affiliate Program Commission Works

Dreamhost affiliate program offers two type of commission structure, which allows you get one-time commission or get a recurring commission.

Dreamhost Affiliates who select to get one time commission, get $97 commission for directly referring a customer.

These dreamhost affiliates also get $5 in commission if any of their referred clients refers a new customer. You get $97 commission is only applicable if the referred customer sign up for yearly plan.

If a referred customer sign up for monthly plan then the dreamhost affiliate will get $30 in commission.

In recurring commission, dreamhost affiliate gets 10% of the invoice paid by the referrer, dreamhost affiliates also get 5% of the invoice for every 2nd tier referrer.

How to Sign Up for Dreamhost Affiliate Program

Signing up for dreamhost affiliate program is quite easy using dreamhost affiliate program website link, where you can have an overview of the program.

You will have to provide your name, email ID and a password to sign up for DreamHost affiliate program, and in seconds, you’ll become a DreamHost affiliate, who can make up to $97 for each DreamHost hosting purchase he/she refers.

Earnings are in USD and can be received via PayPal or just applied to your DreamHost hosting bill.

Earnings may be cashed out 97 days after the referral happens, and they’re paid out on the first business day of each month.

How to Promote Your Dreamhost Affiliate Link

There are number of ways to promote DreamHost hosting services using your blog or website. You’ll be able to do so by persuading your readers in such a way that they will go for DreamHost when it comes to choosing a web hosting service for their upcoming blog, website or web-based application.

Some of ways of promote your dreamhost affiliate link are listed as follows:

Promotion Links

It is the traditional way of affiliate marketing by using your unique affiliate ID. You can add your affiliate ID to the link and head that link to front page of DreamHost, sign up page, promotional page or affiliate program page of DreamHost.


Since images can attract more attention from users, it is advised to use banners to promote DreamHost using your blog. You may place the banner in sidebars or posts and am are sure you will at least get some hits.

Promo Code

It is an innovative and effective way to force your readers use your affiliate link by offering them a specific amount of discount.

You can offer your reader a discount of $50 when he/she uses your discount coupon.

Thus, when one person purchases DreamHost hosting using the promo code, you will get earnings of $47. You can change the discount amount as you wish.


DreamHost affiliate program offers you the best affiliate program experience and Signing up and making money involves 3 steps:

  • Sign Up
  • Promote
  • Get paid

If you having problem with signing up for dreamhost affiliate program, notify me in the comment box.

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