You can make money online been an affiliate on Domainking Affiliate program, i will keep saying there are more than 1000 affiliate programme in nigeria where you can make money online in nigeria.

Lately, more than 20% of nigerian bloggers migrated from blogging just about stories to also blogging about affiliate program which is pretty cool and making them there cash now.

Making money on affiliate program is much more easier than trying to cash out from a banned Google Adsense account with more than $2000 in it.

Today, i will show you how to make money from domainking affiliate program in just this article only.

Let’s Get Started.

What is Domainking Affiliate Program?

It’s important to know what Domainking affiliate program is all about before jumping to make money from it, Domainking Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program in which when you sign up you get a unique referral link that is used to track the number of people you referred and number of sign up.

Before we proceed you need to note this: Domainking will only pay you commission when referrals buy webhosting plan, not when they buy register domain names only. Including whogohost affiliate program and smartweb affiliate program.

How to Make Money from DomainKing Affiliate Program

In order to make money from domainking affiliate program you need to register on domainking as a user by following this steps, before we proceed let’s talk about some features included in domainking affiliate program.

  • Number visitors referred: This means the total number of those who have clicked on your affiliate link over time: You don’t earn when you get clicks
  • Number of Signups: This is the total number of persons who registered under your affiliate link. It doesn’t mean you will earn from all of them. You only earn from those who signed up and at the same time complete their orders
  • Conversion Rate: The number of clicks on your link divided by the number of your sign ups. This shows how your users react with your affiliate link
  • Commission pending maturation: This is the amount that is needed to reach 45days before you can withdraw. Any amount you see here need to reach 45days else you can’t withdraw
  • Available Commission balance: This is the total amount that’s ready for withdraw. You can request your withdrawal at any point in time when you have some earnings accumulated in this section
  • Total amount Withdrawn: This is the total amount you’ve successfully withdrew since your joined DomainKing Affiliate program

How to Sign Up for DomainKing Affiliate Program

  1. Login to your client panel at DomainKing.NG. Register here if you are not yet a customer.
  2. At the top right side of your client area you will see “Affiliate” button. Click on it. And an affiliate page will open.
  3. Now click on “Activate Affiliate Account” button to activate your affiliate link & join the affiliate program.

Domainking gives you 500 Naira after registering as a welcome bonus for joining their hosting.

You can start referring your friends to get a host using your affiliate program.

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