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Whatsapp for Android Introduces Private Reply in Group

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Whatsapp has brought another latest update to its app for Android introduces private reply in group, recently whatsapp said it would introduce status ads soon to its app but havent been fixed finallly.


The new functionality that allows users to privately send messages to a participant in a group without informing others in the same group, this new update is only avaliable in WhatsApp for Android beta testers as of now. This feature has arrived for Android users with beta version 2.18.355. Notably, the update appears to come with a few bugs as well. The latest version of the app reportedly crashes while deleting media files from a group.


Last year, WhatsApp¬†¬†mistakenly rolled out the ‘Reply Privately’ feature in a beta update for Windows Phone. The Private Reply feature was found to have appeared and was subsequently dropped from the beta version of WhatsApp.


To use the WhatsApp Private Reply feature, hold the message of the sender to which you have to reply privately. Then tap on the three-dotted menu on the top right corner of the app. Here, you will get the Private Reply option. Once you choose the option, the selected message will open privately in the chat window of the sender in the form of a reply thread.


To download the latest WhatsApp beta on your Android device, you need to be a part of the official Google Play. Alternatively, you can download its APK file directly from APK Mirror.


Interestingly, according to the report, the update comes with a major bug. The WhatsApp reportedly crashes whenever the user deletes a particular media message from a group. While we could not verify the bugs in the latest update, it would not be recommended to update to v2.18.335 and wait for the next one.

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