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Shazam now allows sharing of music content on Instagram


Instagram has brought Shazam to instagram stories after they have successfully integrated shazam, Users of the Shazam app can now share content as Instagram Stories.

If users have the latest versions of the Instagram and Shazam app installed, they will now see a new Instagram option, once they click on ‘Share’ in Shazam.

To use the new feature, after updating, head to Shazam, choose the song you want to share, and hit the Share button. A new Instagram option should show up, and then Shazam will share the album art and song information to Instagram Stores.

There will also be a ‘More on Shazam’ button that will accompany the post on the Instagram Stories, and this button will take you back to the Shazam app, back to the song page that you shared on Stories.

Recently Instagram has opened the gates to many third-party music apps like Spotify, Eventbrite, and even SoundCloud. New functionalities include sharing songs, and even buying concert tickets from Instagram.

Instagram has constantly been updating its Stories section to introduce new features and improvements. The latest change includes the ability to record a long video, and the app automatically segregating it into 15-second clips for your Stories.

The app will automatically create segments of your story to let you share a creation of more than 15 seconds. You can then proceed with the segmented Instagram story by hitting the Next button.


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