Are you looking for a way on how to Sign Up and verify a PayPal in Nigeria that sends and receive payment, you found a one-time solution to your problem.

Can I receive payment or send payment after me signing up using this method?

Here is the deal, must Nigerians find it hard to open a paypal made in Nigeria but with this article I would put you through on how to send and receive payment in Nigeria. PayPal happens to be the world’s largest online money transfer platform and is used by millions of people in various location in the world to send & receive money.

To enjoy this benefit to perform transaction you need to create a paypal account in Nigeria, some years back paypal gave Nigerians the honour to create paypal accounts which means you don’t need any old back doors to paypal in Nigeria but the disadvantage of opening a Nigerian supported paypal account is using some functions which are not given to Nigeria paypal.

Disadvantage of paypal account in Nigeria

  • Can’t receive online payment
  • Cant pay bills
  • You can get your fund seized

Now your question should be how do I open and verify the paypal account?

This method is trending online on various blogs just how you do it but this is the right place for you to understand all about paypal and create yours.

I was once using a paypal in Nigeria but when I noticed all this I hard to de-activate my account and follow this step which allows me do the following:

  • Easily collect earnings from fiverr and other freelance site
  • Easily cash out directly to your bank account in Nigeria
  • Easily make use of foreign advertising platform and withdraw successfully like, Google adsense, Mgid and so on.

Using this method gives me rest of mind using paypal account, getting a job online without having a means to receive your payment then you can’t take the job.

Here is what you get when you open a paypal account with this method.

  • Creating without VPN
  • Using your phone number and private email address
  • You get approved within minutes of creation

100% Working Method to receive Money through PayPal

This is an E-Book and you can access it easily anytime, if you need it badly then this is the guide for you.

I have created 40 PayPal accounts for different people using this method so trust me when I say this guide works 100%.

This guide will assist you in creating your paypal account in less than 5 minute using this Ebook. I personally wrote this guide to teach you how to create yours and also create for others.

The Language used in this Ebook is made simple as possible for anyone to access and its understandable, easy to read and faster.

Here is the problem;

This E-book is not for free even any other site won’t give you this tip as it has been exampled in this guide and I have my reason for not giving it free.

People don’t value free things and the only way to let them know how important creating a paypal that receive and sends is to sell the E-book for them.

First, I won’t charge you much for the E-book like I do for most of my E-book that cost more than N10,000 but I won’t sell this E-book for that.

A lot of people have helped can testify to this that it’s legit.

I would sell this E-Book for N4,000 only note that the E-book price will keep increasing every month, this is the cheapest of all I have ever sold any of my E-Book and I won’t reduce it any more than that because I know how important it is for you to get a paypal account so don’t lose this opportunity.

I will keep increasing the price till it gets to N25,000 and trust me someone is going to still ask for this from you when you buy the E-book, I have given you access to re-sell the E-book and also make money from it.

Don’t lose this Black Friday Offer.

If you ready to place an order for the E-book to get your copy and enjoy 100% working account after reading this E-book.

Am giving you two payment method either Paying online or paying through bank directly.

To pay online Follow step below:

Pay using the paypal link below

Not Avaliable now….

To pay directly through bank follow the step below:

Send N4,000 directly to my bank account and send me an email directly to please when sending your mail add you’re a screenshot of the teller given to you in bank if you use a fake teller I will know and you won’t be given any E-book, keep scam off this blog we have a reputation to keep.

Click link below to see the E-book and my bank details


It’s time to grow your business to next level.

This guide allows you open a verified paypal account easily…

Now you can easily get your paypal account that receives and send payments you might want to make some cool cash from Affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


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