I always tell people when they meet me about SEO that having a strong SEO friendly blog makes Search engine love your blog but not only that but also gives you alot of benefits like getting traffic from search engine, SEO friendly URL plays a perfect roll in giving search engine bots to understand your pages properly. i would be putting you through on how to remove category from wordpress URL easily in three different ways.

when you create a wordpress blog it comes with a default category premalink which looks like http://yoursitenname.com/category/wordpress/ but with the tutorial you can make your category link look much friendly like http://yoursitename.com/wordpress/ after following any of the method mentioned here.

Most wordpress users prefer removing category from its category base url while others don’t like it which i happen to fall on that category.

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Why i don’t love removing category from the category based url is because having a short keyword for a premalink makes it competitive to rank for but having category also is quite competitive also but depends on what works for you best.

Today i will put you through on how to remove category prefix easily.

How to remove category from wordpress URL

I would be listing listing and explaining the 3 ways to remove your wordpress URL.

Removing Category from Slug using Plugin

A lot of people has used this plugin which requires zero coding, this plugin is can also redirect the old category permalinks to the new one, which can improve your SEO. like i said you need zero coding knowledge to use this method.

  • Login your wordpress dashboard
  • Click Plugins > Add new
  • search for FV Top Level Categories in the search box
  • Install and activate

Once the plugin is activated it will remove the category base URL from automatically.

Removing Category Prefix with Yoast Plugin

Yoast plugin has made it easy for you to remove /category/ without having to leave its plugin or install alternative plugins, follow the steps below to remove category url using yoast plugin:

  • Login your wordpress dashboard
  • Navigate on SEO on your left sidebar menu
  • Click on search appearance
  • Then Click on Taxonomies tab
  • Toggle the category URL switch from keep to remove
  • click save changes

Thats all then you can check your category link.

Removing Category from wordpress URL using .HTACCESS

If you know your htaccess then you can use this step, i don’t like installing much plugins so i don’t slow down my site though you can still speecd up your site by using the right method.

  • Login your cpanel
  • Go to file manager > Public Html
  • Scroll to .htaccess ( if you can’t find it then enable show hidden files)
  • open the .htaccess and insert the below code
  • Add the code after <IfMoudle>
RewriteRule ^category/(.+)$ http://www.yourwebsite.com/$1 [R=301,L]
  • Then save changes

When using the .htaccess you must add the code after <ifmoudle> or you create a new line with the tag <ifmoudle> and the clsoe tag </ifmoudle>.

Having done that then you can enjoy great benefits like making your visitors remember your URL easily, if you still have problem with the tutorial feel free to ask question in the comment box.

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