Behind every successful story there is a person who made that story happen all by working hard and making it happen, becoming a successful tutorial blogger in Nigeria should be your aim to achieve success in your blogging career.

Most people say they blog just to teach people or share vital information with the public what about does making money from there blogging career?

This technique will help you to be able to write more than 200 tutorials in a day without thinking of something creative to write about. 100% working properly and fully explained.

Have you ever asked yourself how I got to write such an interesting article like this that everyone might want to read but here is the fact without failing you might not learn from your mistakes?

I have once asked myself how do tutorial bloggers write so much article and even bring new tutorial topics. One thing about tutorials is that they are evergreen content and if you know what evergreen content are you will know that they are the reason why blogging came into existence in the first place.

Evergreen content to a layman are content that are useful to everyone and are searched everyday on the internet no matter how old the content might be.

If you want to get tutorial topics to write about then reading this article till the end might be your only solution to fix all the problem.

Now let’s get started.

How to become a successful Tutorial blogger in Nigeria

Becoming a blogger you must be able to write content effectively without copying any piece from another person.

Here in Nigeria, most of the bloggers do copy and paste most of the time just to cover more article and get paid for blogging but they forgot that copying won ’t lead the blog anywhere now that Google AdSense makes it hard for new users to get into AdSense network without having scrap content.

Let’s dive in how to haunt for tutorials as a blogger.

Locate your blogging categories

Without knowing the category you want to write tutorials on then there is no need writing, like Deegeek we write tutorials relating to blogging, business, problem solving and more which is valuable and will be searched on the internet daily.

Once that category is identified then you 1 step out.

Find 20 sites that writes on same category

Locating your competitors will help you understand how to beat them when writing just like me I prepared 100 site which I want to analyze their content and try ranking them out. Here is the trick without you having competitor then you can’t rank front page for a seconds because everyone on front page are competitors, in simple sentence site on front page are your biggest competitors but most times you can’t outrank them.

If your category is about “making money online” then you probably would want to make me your competitor because I have written tutorials relating to making money online that are in front page of Google.

To find this competitor you can type the category name on Google and get the link of the first 20 site you site then keep it well because it’s valuable.

Let me tell you a secret new site owners that writes same content with me are also my competitors even if they can’t outrank me I will try to improve my content x10 better than their own because I know they will try to make their own x3 better than mine.

Perform site auditing

Site auditing will help you know if this competitor is far better than you or you are in same class with the person, auditing helps you understand if your competitor can be outranked in terms of domain age, social shares, DA & PA and more.

Well I don’t consider this that useful though you can perform that to know if you can outrank them or rank same page with them.

Analyze their contents

This is the most amazing part of all to be a good tutorial blogger, to get cool tutorials to write about you need to go to last page of the blog and check out the tutorials till date and check the title of the content if the content is on front page, if the title of the content is on front page then you might want to consider writing about that tutorial.

No blogger will tell you this trick of haunting tutorial though they will tell you write articles that can take you to front page but this is the only solution for you to get easy front page content.

I can tell you as at when this article was written I had only 160 post and out of 160 post at least 120 post was on front page, not that I copied title from my competitor but because I did perfect keyword research. This tutorial was written due to I was looking for a way new bloggers can write tutorials effectively than copying all content word by word and thinking of getting ranked on front page without even editing a word.

Find the content keyword

To rank front page for those title you analyzed from your competitor you need to find the specific keyword they rank front page and try adding them in your content when writing.

Like if the topic is “How to boost your seo from grass to grace” you might want to analyze how to boost your seo because everyday people type that on Google in other to find how to boost their seo and you might pop up on front page for that article.

Write 1000 words for that content

Write more words than your competitor so as to get benefit of ranking more than him and the fact of digging topics from your competitors blog gives you more benefit to rank with him because their content is old and Google needs fresh content.

Wrap Up: Conclusion

With all the information I have given you need writing an effective tutorial for your blog I hope you would improve and try to make hay in blogging, don’t forget keyword researching is vital after getting the topics.

The technique can fetch you more than 200 tutorials daily on which you can write about without even thinking of what to write.

I did little study about this which I got this useful information to write about and help you also in becoming a successful tutorial blogger in Nigeria without having to quit.

If you have any question or you love this tutorial please give us a comment below. Don’t forget to share with friends who are also tutorial bloggers to help.

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