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Google releases Android Ecosystem Security report over Google Play Protect

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Google plans to publish one or more report on android device, this report will detail its efforts to reduce PHA rates on devices. Now, the tech giant has announced that it will also publish the Android Ecosystem Security Report on a quarterly basis.

This Android Ecosystem Security Transparency Report covers how often a routine, full-device scan by Google Play Protect detects a device with PHAs installed. Google Play Protect is built-in protection on Android devices that scans over 50 billion apps daily from inside and outside of Google Play. These scans look for evidence of Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). If the scans find a PHA, Google Play Protect warns the user and can disable or remove PHAs.

In Android’s first annual Android Security Year in Review from 2014, fewer than 1% of devices had PHAs installed. The percentage has declined steadily over time and this downward trend continues through 2018. The transparency report covers PHA rates in three areas: market segment (whether a PHA came from Google Play or outside of Google Play), Android version, and country.

The new report also focuses on PHA rates in regards to Android version and countries, as well as the market segments (sideloads).

In addition, Google also added they will add more insights into the health of the ecosystem to the Android Ecosystem Security Transparency Report. If you have any questions about terminology or the products referred to in this report please review the FAQs section of the Transparency Report.

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