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Google Rebranded File Go app to Files app with new material theme design

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Google has finally rebranded Google file go to files which was released last year the app which was initially designed for Android Go devices, has now been rebranded into ‘Files’ app.

Files Go was intended by Google more as a smart storage app than a full-featured file manager. Its primary use is to clean unwanted apps and files, and its secondary use case is to quickly transfer files offline. Files Go, therefore, is more of a pseudo file manager as it doesn’t allow users to view the full contents of their storage directly.

Nevertheless, the app has become quite popular as it has now been downloaded 50 million times, even though it doesn’t ship as part of the default Google Apps package on most phones.

With the latest update that comes through beta version 1.0.219550556, the Files Go app has become Files. The new moniker appears not just on the icon of the updated app but also through the app launcher. The icon that had the iconic “Go” branding has also been refreshed with just Files title. However, Google is yet to update the name of the app on the Google Play listing.

To download, you need to sign up for the Google Play beta. You can alternatively download the latest beta version in the form of an APK file directly from APK Mirror.

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