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Google Map Now allows you control your Colour scheme while navigating

Google map

This seems like a nice update as tech giant “Google” has brought a new update to Google Map allows user choose either light or dark theme.


The latest update comes with the new 10.2.1 version of Google Maps which has already started rolling out. This update also introduces some new features that include rechristened navigation settings, new toggles for audio cue and speed limit display on the screen.

The new navigation settings is now divided into subcategories, making them more organized and convenient to read.

These sub-sections include sound & voice, route options, map display, and driving options. The app after the update shows different route options for avoiding highways , tolls and ferries. There is also an addition of new colour scheme in the settings that might capture user’s attention.


Notably, it is not an all dark theme that the latest version of the app brings. It now allows users to either keep light or dark theme as per their choice while navigating only.


This update has started rolling out on users map…

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