Facebook Messenger Rolls Out An Unsend Feature for IOS and Android

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Facebook messenger has been receiving significant update on its application lately and finally they have introduced the unsend feature.

The new Unsend feature is rolling out for all users in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia, and Lithuania on Messenger for Android and iOS users both. This ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature will enable users to delete any kind of message within 10 minutes of sending it. This includes text, group chats, videos, and photos. After 10 minutes, you cannot use the ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature, but you can use the ‘Remove for you’ feature which will only delete messages from your end, and not the recipients end.

To use the Unsend feature, long press the message you want to delete. Options to ‘Remove for Everyone’ and ‘Remove for You’ will pop-up on your screen. Selecting any of them will display a warning that reads, ‘You’ll permanently remove this message for all chat members. They can see that you removed a message and still report it.” Once you read the warning and confirm, the message will get deleted, and a tombstone message will replace it that will now read, ‘You removed a message’.

Users can also report a removed message by tapping on the person’s name > tapping on Somethings Wrong > and selecting the proper category for report abuse. Facebook’s head of Messenger Stan Chudnovsky explains why the 10 minute deadline was put in place. “We looked at how the existing delete functionality works. It turns out that when people are deleting messages because it’s a mistake or they sent something they didn’t want to send, it’s under a minute. We decided to extend it to 10, but decided we didn’t need to do more,” Chudnovsky told the publication.

He also says that the feature rolled out to the common public isn’t the same as it is for the executives of the company. Notably, the tombstone message didn’t show up for users when Zuckerberg’s messages were deleted from several accounts.


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