Are you looking for a way to block spam comments on blogspot? This tutorial will give you enlightenment on how you can get it done easily.

Blogspot users find it hard to block spam comments or control spam comments like wordpress users who get it done easily using plugins like akismet anti-spam plugin.

Comments on blog post gives your readers more ways to discuss with you and other readers via comment box.

In today, blogs created using blogspot lock their comment box due to been unable to block spam comments on their blog but this tutorial will put you through.

Most reason why we block spam comments is due to any of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Commenting with links on comment box
  • Commenting with wrong names
  • Commenting with wrong text and not valuable to the topic

How To Block Spam Comments in Blogger

  • Log in to your Dashboard
  • Go to Layout –> Edit HTML
  • Click anywhere inside the code area and to open a search box type CTRL+F from the keyboard.
  • Type or paste following code into the search box and hit enter </body>
  • Now Copy following code and paste it before the above line:

<!–Stop Blog Comments –>
<script>$undefined&#39;.comment-content a[rel$=nofollow]&#39;).replaceWithundefinedfunctionundefined){return undefined$undefinedthis).textundefined));});
<!–Stop Blog Comments –>

Now you can block spam comments easily….

comment if you having any difficulty…

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