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Youtube Desktop now supports Mini player on Browser

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Miniplayer is one of the features on youtube mobile app and now youtube has brought it for desktop users, This week, YouTube announced that a new feature has been added to the desktop version of YouTube that will allow them to watch videos in a corner of their browser while they continue to browse around the site. The new feature is known as the Miniplayer, and it appears to have rolled out to virtually everyone at least as of this Wednesday.

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How to turn on Youtube Mini Player

To activate the Miniplayer, just hover over a video while it’s playing on YouTube.com and find the little button that looks like a box close to settings. Click on it, and the video will immediately shrink down into the lower-right corner, and the homepage will appear on the screen so you can start browsing.

Once you have put a video in the Miniplayer, you can still access many of the controls available on the video page, including play/pause, seeking, and jumping to the next video in the playlist. Hitting the X button on the Miniplayer or the ESC button on your keyboard will dismiss the player, as will clicking on a new video.

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Additional, Google also said he has fixed the bug causing some upcoming live videos to show the “upcoming” time in the wrong time zone. YouTube has also added a ‘save’ label on playlists to enable saving them and then accessing them on mobile or web platform later on. Full fixes shared below:

  • Some upcoming live videos were showing the “upcoming” time in the wrong timezone, fixed that!
  • Added a “SAVE” label to the save to playlist button on video pages. Now everything’s more consistent across web and our mobile apps!
  • The text in some pop-up windows (for example, the window that appears when you click Share > Embed) would run over the edge of the window, fixed that!
  • Some three-dot menu items were showing up blank with no info, fixed that!
  • When you click ‘Share’ and use the ‘Start At’ checkbox, the time would sometimes be out of sync with the URL, fixed that!
What’s your cut on about this new feature, awesome or not cool?
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