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Whatsapp Rolls out Update to Support iPhone Xs Max


Whatsapp rolls out support for iPhone XS Max today, which is also a new way to play the audio messages, and a new redesigned User Interface for the message shortcuts.

The latest app version is 2.18.100 and it comes with three different improvements, as revealed in the release notes published on the App Store and the update also has a file size of up to 92MB.

The update also brings support for the larger 6.5-inch display of the iPhone XS Max. This will allow Whatsapp to take advantage of the large display and take up the entire screen space which will enable users to read more of the messages and video more media.

According to the change log which has been posted on the Apple App store, this new version of 2.18.100 of Whatsapp brings up the facility to automatically play the consecutive voice messages in a better sequence, so that you don’t need to press play for each instance.

This new latest update also brings a new layout for when you long press a message to unveil options such as delete, copy, star, forward and reply.

In previous experience with the latest version, the design appeared to be much more similar to the one in the previous version of the app.

Last month, a report had also suggested that Whatsapp is testing a new “Vacation Mode” that will keep archived chat which is available in the same state even when a new message arrives in them. As of now, the app automatically un-archives an archived conversation that gets a new message.

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