Wow.. Another amazing way to get Mtn 5gb data for just 50 Naira and 100 Naira for 10gb then 200 Naira for 20gb thats really better then that of airtel which was 4.5gb for 200 Naira.

I will tell you the truth this is the cheapest way to get data on Mtn trending now without VPN  tweaks and co.

This trick works perfectly on all devices and its SIM selective i won’t want you to miss this, try it out…

mtn 5gb data

But i think you reading this will be lucky because 5 people have done it in my present and has been hitted with 5gb so i don’t think why you can’t afford 50 Naira only to get yourself data thats this cheap.

How to Get Mtn 5gb for 50 Naira

In other to enjoy this trick you need to be an Mtn wechat subscriber to do so dial *662# then press 6 when a screen shows then 2 and 1 respectively, which cost only 50 Naira.

Once done you will be given 5gb on Mtn immediately to check your data balance dial *131*4# you might be lucky to see 5gb there like i said.

If you are lucky keep doing this repeatedly by dialling the code again and re-subscribe to Mtn Wechat you will get 20gb for 200 Naira.

This data is valid for 1 week. You can dial *559*78# to check expiry date. You don’t need any VPN tweak to use this.

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