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Google rolls out Discover feed for Mobile Web Users

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I don’t think Google’s upgrade is new to most of us as we have been seeing changes on Google lately, recently Google has rebranded its news feed now when you visit Google homepage on your mobile devices Google will show you feed of cards after the search box, just as its shown on its app for Android and IOS.


Google discover is rolling out on all android and IOS Google web via google.com, this feature will also be available on its mobile app. Most of the cards are related to news, entertainment, and sports, and are personalized using your search history and preferences. Each one includes the name of the article, a brief extract, a cover image, published date, and the site where it originated.

google discover

Each card features a topic header alongside a Discover star icon, which brings up related articles when selected. You can also use the menu in the top right corner to dismiss it, confirm you’re not interested in the subject, or block it from appearing in the Discover feed again. An option at the bottom-right corner of the card, meanwhile, lets you select whether you want to see more or less of a particular topic.


Another new Search feature, Google Lens, which lets you scan sections of images and use them for a new search, also rolled out last week.


The Discover feed is available on any Android or iOS device and displays on any mobile browser, including Safari and Chrome. No word yet when it will reach those outside of the US, but it should expand overseas sooner and also here in Nigeria.

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