Google Celebrates Nigeria Independence day with a Doodle

As we all at Nigeria know every 1st of October is independence day, finally Google posted on its doodle website as they celebrate with us, today’s Doodle celebrates the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Africa’s most populous country) which is a place as big as it is culturally diverse.

Mixing cultures is one of the hallmarks of this West African country. Over 500 languages are spoken here, some dating back more than 4,000 years. Independence Day is all about national integration, as the nation commemorates its declaration of independence from the British Empire in 1960.

The green and white flag flies in all 36 Nigerian states: green standing for agriculture, white for peace and unity. Happy Independence Day to Nigeria and to the Nigerian diaspora worldwide. Long may you march to your own beat(s)!

Cool tweets are coming in using the Twitter hashtag Independence Day#NigeriaAt58

Happy 58th Independence Day Nigeria!

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