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GMail introduces Multiple Accounts for IOS in same Tab

gmail multiple accounts on ios

Gmail has finally introduced a way you can manage multiple accounts easily on Gmail app for IOS. G Suite Team has made this possible so users can make use of their personal email and office email together on the same app without having to log out of one.

They also added that you need to toggle from one email to another in order to access the inbox of both emails.

This new IOS update has been available for android device for some years now before they finally decided to give IOS device a chance to use this feature.

G Suite team also added a way to view all your message at a time to see emails from different accounts at one time, simply select the “All Inboxes” view from the left-hand side drawer. This will show all your emails in a single list and none of the emails will be shared between any accounts.

In addition, This new feature is gradually rollout to IOS devices don’t forget Google will keep giving you new features just like they changed the name of Google keep Note to Keep Note.

Expect more from Google soon…


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