Ever had a dream that came through? I had a dream your BlogSpot blog was rank #1 on google after compeleting this blogspot SEO tutorial available here.

Don’t forget you stumbled on this post to learn something new leaving that quick will limit you from learning something different from other blogs out there.

There are hundreds of BlogSpot SEO tutorial the only way to get th best SEO ( search engine optimization ) look for your blog is by performing the best SEO strategy.

To get the best BlogSpot SEO guide you need to keep reading the article, I have made the article understandable for everyone either beginner in BlogSpot, intermediate in blogspot or a pro in BlogSpot.

This BlogSpot SEO Tutorial will make you become a PRO in settings up Blogspot SEO either as a profession or for personal use.

BlogSpot user’s know BlogSpot (google blogger) gives free usage to create your own blog.

There is a lot of BlogSpot features or features you can add to make your BlogSpot SEO friendly like using Yoast SEO plugin for BlogSpot.

Most BlogSpot users don’t know they can use Yoast SEO plugin on there BlogSpot.

Let’s do a quick dive in Complete BlogSpot SEO tutorial.

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This BlogSpot SEO guide is the broken down step by step so you find it self-explanatory, some of my readers asked me to write about this for them so why not make use of it.

A lot of beginners in Blogspot think they get crawled by Google after creating their first blog or filling necessary information in the settings page but that’s a total lie, want to know how to fix it and get crawled? Then keep reading.

Blogspot SEO Tutorial: How to get indexed by Google for Blogspot

This is one of the first thing you have to do after creating your blog using BlogSpot and after publishing your first post.

Getting crawled is every blogger’s dreams don’t forget that.

I laugh most times when I questions people ask google like: Google please I want to add my blog, my blog is not getting crawled oh Google etc. That can’t get you straight forward answers.

Note: The Google webmaster is not as it looks before but you can use the old version or new version.

To add your BlogSpot to Google is easy by visit Google Webmaster Tool, well let me show you how to add your blog to either the new search console or the old search console both perform same function in BlogSpot SEO basics

To add your blog using New search console click the Menu icon that looks like ⏸ then click “Add New Property” and enter your link, as shown in the image below:

add property on google webmaster

While for old version you should see “Add Property” button click it a pop up box will appear and add your BlogSpot link to it and add.

you should be similar with adding HTML on your BlogSpot don’t forget to verify using any method i suggest HTML meta verification to add it.. Go to Template >> Edit HTML >> paste the code after head and go back to google webmaster page and click verify that’s all.

You have successfully added your blog to Google but it hasn’t be indexed in terms on your page and post.

Adding Sitemap to google webmaster either for new version or old version I will put you through.

For new version click Menu icon then you should see Sitemap click it and add your sitemap wait for a little I will put you through on how to get your sitemap.

For old version click Crawl by the left-hand side of the webmaster dashboard then Click on Sitemap.
Top right corner of your sitemap page, Select Add/text Sitemap.

Add this to your sitemap: atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

that’s all.

Blogspot SEO Tutorial: Setting Search Preference on BlogSpot

Login blogger.com Click On settings >> Select Search Preferences As shown below:

blogspot seo tutorial: search perferences
In order to set meta description you need for blogspot you need yo perform this setting trust me i have used on blogspot, it’s default setting is disabled which means you have to enable it to do so click on Edit Button to enable that you can write a description. 

deegeek meta description

After clicking on the edit button, you will see two options: [Yes] and [No], Click on [Yes] Button and Write Maximum 150 characters about Description for Your blog.

Note: If you write more than 150 characters Google will ignore it and always find keywords revelant to your niche ( entertainment, technology, make money, tutorials etc ).

Blogspot SEO Tutorial: Setting up Custom Rebots Header Tags

If you want Google to crawl your post then don’t miss this step, Lol i know everyone want to get crawled.

The custom header tag is alwas disabled so to enable it do this below:

custom header tag blogspot

click on (Custom robots header tags) Button then click on [Yes] and check all in the image below;

Wow!!! Google is ready to crawl you now.

Blogspot SEO Guide to Add Custom Robots .txt

In addition to complete your blogspot seo you need to add a robot file ( This tells Search engine where to crawl and where not to crawl ). Every blogspot users don’t allow Google crawl labels which is like a short keyword and thats bad for SEO especially as a beginner you can’t rank for it.

This setting is also disabled you have to enable it.. click >> [edit] >> [Yes] and add this below to the textarea avaliable

user-agent: *
disallow: /search
allow: /
sitemap: http://devitout.blogspot.com/feed/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED

Click Save Changes.

If you don’t want Google to crawl your labels like me then that disallow: search must be in your robot file.

That’s all your blogspot is optimized out now….

In order to write optimized content i advise you read this tutorial ( How to publish optimized blogspot post) i also wrote it would assist you write the best article and also optimize it.

Quick Summary of Blogspot SEO Tutorial

  • Add to google webmaster tool
  • Add sitemap and robot .txt
  • Fill all neccessary setting on search perferences
  • Perform keyword research related to your niche to use on your meta descritipion
  • Optimize your blog post with Yoast SEO Plugin for blogspot
  • Don’t forget SEO is king and Content and keyword research is queen
  • Permalink helps improve SEO also don’t forget

Wish you all the best in getting rank one on google after perform this.

If you have a question please use the comment box i will be as responsive as possible…

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